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Upcoming Events

  • 2024 Winter/Spring fund raiser to provide scholarships to Mattoon High School students:    Morgans Meat Market Gift Certicates, $400 first prize, $200 second prize, tickets $5 each or 5 for $20, drawing to be held in June....just in time for July 4th cookouts.   Tickets available from any member or at public sale tables later in the Spring.

Programs And Service Projects

  1. Give A Kid A Flag To Wave - Mattoon Exchange Club regularly passes out American flags to children at community parades as part of our Americanism Program

  2. Proudly We Hail - Annual recognition of individuals, businesses, and organizations who regularly fly the American flag with dignity and respect.

  3. Book of Golden Deeds Award - Annual recognition of 'unsung heroes' within the community, those who make significant contributions to the well-being of us all without fanfare or special recognition

  4. Scholarship Program - Mattoon Exchange Club annually awards four $1,000 college scholarships to Mattoon High School seniors based on a rigorous review process of applications submitted by interested students. 

  5. Financial Support to community organizations within the scope of our Programs of Service - Americanism, Community Service, Youth Programs and Prevention of Child Abuse -  that, on an annual basis, normally totals more than $16,000

  6. Freedom Shrine - Mattoon Exchange Club purchase, frames and installs major documents illustrating the history of our cherished American Freedoms.  Some of the present locations are Mattoon High School,  Riddle and Williams Elementary schools, Mattoon YMCA and Lakeland College.

  7. Adopt-A-Highway -  Members volunteer four weekends each year to clean a three mile stretch of Route 16 west of Mattoon

  8. Mattoon Food Pantry - Club members regularly volunteer to assist with various activities at the Food Pantry, including home deliveries, packing of food boxes, sorting and storing of food deliveries

  9. Mattoon Light Works - During the Christmas season, club members spend one week volunteering to collect donations and pass out treats at the exhibit entrance

  10. National Day of Service - A special day set aside for service to our local community

  11. Salvation Army Bell Ringing - During the Christmas season, club members man the kettles at various locations throughout the community

  12. ACE Award (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence) -  The Mattoon Exchange Club honors students that have overcome major obstacles in their lives and have become valuable, contributing members of society.   One youth is selected to receive a monetary award and his/her name is submitted to the Lincolnland District competition

  13. Youth of the Month/Year Awards - The Club honors six youth of the Month Winners from Mattoon High School, one of which is chosen Youth of the Year, receiving a monetary award and having his/her name submitted to the Lincolnland District competition

  14. Police Officer, Fireman & Medical Person of the Year Awards- The Club honors an individual in each of these professions for outstanding service to the community

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